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NRIs merely pay lip service

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I would like to share my thoughts too on respected India’s PM Narendra Modi ‘s visit to USA:

Firstly, I agree with some of the questions asked by Rajdeep Sardesai such as:

“Would you ever go return to India?” – To me it means, will you go back to India to serve your nation, rather than being in USA (paying taxes to the US government instead?)

I agree with his question, because “NRI” here will do and say everything sitting here (miles away from the home land), but if you ask them to help people India, set up a company, provide employment, contribute to the nation’s economy- I bet, no one will do anything!! But they will surely say “Bharat mata ki jai”

When there were floods in India, how many of these “NRI’s” actually contributed for their country? Do we have any idea?

Just because PM is in USA, people “over hyped” it and came to listen to his speech spending minimum 50-70$ (~Rs 42000). Will they donate the same money to India? Will they give the same amount to kids who live in Dharavi and sweat out for one time food? Would they give that amount to people who are homeless on streets? NO!!


Because when they come to meet a celebrity in events like this, they get to “CHECK IN on FACEBOOK” make their friends, relatives jealous about it and get satisfaction, get pics and tag a post saying- “I AM PROUD TO BE INDIAN”

Can we find, after Modi’s speech, how many of these “NRIs” have changed their thoughts or what did they take back and what will they do about it?
No. I tell you it’s all one time said and heard!! That’s it!!

Because of the hype that was created here, although I staying 40 minutes away from where this event happened, I DID NOT GO.

I heard the speech sitting at home and used the same money to buy food for homeless people. I don’t say everybody emulate me.

My only concern is why Indians (or NRIs) are HYPOCRITES!!

Getting a Modi print T Shirt was big buzz around on FB! Seriously ??! Why do we never grow up? Why can’t we Indians (normal people) also do something rather than just hyping such events and spending money to attend these events and checking in on FB?

I am sure we have many Indians all around the world, be it UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore or Dubai? NO!!

They have their own cultural committees to pay respect for Indian cultures.

Why we don’t our leaders visit countries like UK and Australia to improve bilateral ties? Why only USA? Why other countries like Korea and China don’t come to US to deliver speech to their citizens ?

The motive of his trip was different although addressing a speech to 20,000 NRI would indeed be of no use (as the amount paid by NRI for the tickets would go to the US Government and people staying in US (our loved NRIs) will not return to help and develop India!!)

This was just my personal opinion, it is very sad to see these NRIs talk about India and do nothing!!

Anyway, thank you for your time :)

By Dhruti Rampelli

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