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NSEL launches campaign to clear the air over payment crisis

Facing a barrage of problems on several fronts, scam-hit NSEL has launched a massive media outreach explaining the circumstances leading to the Rs 5,600 crore payment crisis as well as how it has been “singled out” and no action has been taken against real culprits.

Seeking “fair chance” to explain its stand, NSEL in two volume book titled “Truth about NSEL” attempts to clear the air around its promoter firm, Financial Technologies (FTIL) and how its new board is attempting to recover and rebuild the exchange.

It explains the National Spot Exchange Ltd’s (NSEL) point of view on various aspects of the crisis that surfaced in end July 2013.

“Many a version of the saga have been floated and doing rounds in all forms of media. In most of the stories villainy has all been laid on NSEL, FTIL and on the promoters of FTIL. An impression, which is far from the truth, is being created to our own dismay,” said NSEL Joint Managing Director Prakash Chaturvedi in a covering letter issued along with the book.

Stating that the NSEL crisis was used as an opportunity and excuse to kill the group, he said, “The series of action that have been taken against NSEL, FTIL and their Directors are far beyond the legal. The decisions appear motivated for singling out NSEL and FTIL.

“Simultaneously little or no action has been taken against the real collective forces that are responsible for creating this force majeure accident,” he said.

While the National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) on its part has been concentrating on making recovering from defaulting members, Chaturvedi said, “This unfortunately is being interpreted as its weakness and NSEL therefore has decided to reveal the facts for the consumption of all the important opinion and decision makers in the country.”

The book also said that NSEL’s parent company FTIL suffered the most from the crisis.

“Not only injustice was meted to FTIL but added to it are other painful measures such as the hurry to declare promoters not ‘fit and proper’, the vilification campaign, unverified rumours, which have pushed the Group into a corner grasping for a little justice,” the book added.

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