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Obama says US considering putting N Korea back on terror list

In the wake of last month’s cyber attack on Sony, US President Barack Obama has said that the United States is contemplating putting North Korea back on its list of terrorism sponsors.

According to the BBC, calling the attack as a “very costly, very expensive” act of cybervandalism, Obama said that a decision would be taken after a review.

Obama said that he would wait to review the findings, adding that he did not think that the Sony hack was an “act of war” by North Korea.

North Korea has denied its involvement in the hack attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment over the controversial movie “The Interview”.

The fictional movie, which is based on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, apparently shows him being assassinated.

Meanwhile, Sony lawyer David Boies has confirmed that the movie giant will be releasing its controversial new film “The Interview”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boies said that Sony only delayed the release, adding that the company had been fighting to get the picture distributed.

He said that while it was not yet decided as to how the movie would be distributed, it was going to be released in any case.

Sony Pictures Entertainment had earlier issued a statement saying that the company has been looking for alternatives to ensure the release of “The Interview”.

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