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O’Keefe onslaught

In a poor display of batting, Indian wickets fell like nine pins for the second consecutive day at Pune on the third day of the first test. It was a familiar scene in Indian pitches and we are accustomed to see the opposition crumble like a pack of cards. But this time round, we faced similar situation as Indian batting collapsed against quality spin and we were decimated four sessions and within 74 overs. There was no need of taking the second new ball in both the Indian innings.  Australia fashioned a great win by 333 runs after their last win in Jamtha ground in the year 2004. Laying spinner’s track posed problems in the past as well. John Bracewell, a graveyard digger by profession dug India’s graveyard at Bombay in the year 1988 by taking 6 wickets for 51 for a Kiwi side.  Steve O’Keefe went one step further to finish the game within 3 days and became the Man of the match. We were doomed to the dust by a better side and now blame game will start. Australians went one up in a four match series.  Pune dozier proved to be an eye opener for a much hyped side and it is time to tighten the weak ends to make a comeback in a four match series.

Nickhil Mani

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