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‘Oppn leaders playing musical chairs with eye on PM’s chair’

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday said that the opposition leaders who are part of the proposed grand alliance are playing a game of musical chairs with an eye on the Prime Minister’s chair.

Fadnavis addressed BJP workers’ meetings at Dharampur in Valsad district and Mandvi in Surat district in Gujarat.

“Twenty, twenty-five, fifty people have come together under the (anti-BJP) ‘mahagathbandhan’. They have not managed to get even 10 persons elected (of their respective parties, to the Lok Sabha) but are eyeing the prime minister’s post,” Fadnavis said at Dharampur.

“In the game of musical chairs, the person who gets to the chair when the music stops wins. Similarly, 25 parties have come together and are playing this game,” he said.

This will adversely impact India’s ambition to become a developed nation in the next fifteen years, the Maharashtra chief minister said.

“We have got fifteen years, from 2020 to 2035. If we develop in these fifteen years, India will be ridden of poverty and become the world’s biggest economy,” he said.

India has the potential to once again become the country of its legendary past when “rivers of milk and curd” flowed and it was called “Sone ki Chidiya (golden bird)”, he said.

Later, in a tweet, Fadnavis said, “Spoke on achievements of 55 months of Hon PM @narendramodi ji as against the lethargy of 55 years of misrule of Congress & how only with utter lies they are trying to run misinformation campaign.

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