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Opportunistic politics

Recently, we had noticed many politicians switching sides to gain instant rewards in the form of Lok Sabha seats. Satpal Maharaj was seen conducting proceedings in the house of Parliament many times. He has been serving the Congress for long period of time and yet shifted loyalties towards BJP. It’s a very shameful incident both for him and Rajnath Singh. It is equally condemnable to watch Jagdambika Pal switching to BJP and immediately receiving a ticket to contest election. He has been a spokesperson of the Congress on television shows. There is no regard for public opinion. If they were afraid of the people they would have never indulged in such acts. They know that Indian people is fickle and can be easily influenced with cash, booze and promised favours.

This is the sad part of our public life. Our population is growing by leaps and bounds without any control and measures to curtail the population growth have failed to yield the desired results. Uma Bharti is pestering and pleading for Bhopal seat inspite of her seniority in BJP. We saw Shatrughan Sinha allowing his wife to touch his feet (supplication) in public for photograph. This is quite contrary to his on screen image.

For screen you are modern but in personal life utterly feudal. Shatrughan Sinha has not performed a good job as Minister of Shipping in the last government. Sinha has failed to tackle corruption but he has been allotted seat because of his proximity to LK Advani. “Bahadur log pair nahin chute, shastra dene ko kahte hain” like Akbar Badshah in the film Moghul-e-Azam. There is no wonder he was shown black flags. In another case of supplication we see a line up of sycophants with folded hands as the helicopter of goddess Jayalalithaa is descending at Karaikudi.

Coming back to “samajh sudhar”, the recent court verdict on Shakti Mill case is laudable. There have been reports about public apathy to help accident victims and instead they were busy clicking photos on their mobiles. We need to think seriously whether we need such voters. Mobilization program to make public assist during accidents, crime against women and natural calamities on one hand and swift and severe punishment for crimes on the other is the crying need of the hour.

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