Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Opposition rallied together

In the wake of delay of loan waiver of farm loans for a considerable time, all the opposition parties join together and turn the heat on BJP government to score a brownie point. With HC orders favouring Tamil Nadu farmers and UP governments nod for waiver the scene is getting hotted up in Maharashtra. Next on the line is the state of Maharashtra but the undue delay all upset the applecart. Now, opposition praises Yogi for standing with cultivators and making formal announcement without applying delaying tactics as done by the Fadnavis Government. Protests and agitations all followed to press the claim and the Agriculture Minister was listening. It is a matter of shame that the farmers are committing suicide whereas the government is playing the waiting game for a long time. Now, Maharashtra state government will be hard pressed to fulfill poll promises and waiting for so long brought only bad name and made the opposition unite together for a genuine cause.

C R Krishnan

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