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‘Out’standing Christians in most Parishes

The devil is using all kinds of tactics today to turn people away from God. One of them is to make them stand outside the church when the Mass is being celebrated. I find men, especially the youth standing outside the church with their girlfriends and hearing Mass inspite of there being a lot of space inside the church. Have these people come to celebrate the Mass with Jesus or have they come just to fulfill their Sunday obligation? These people, who stand outside the church and celebrate Mass, will never inherit the kingdom of God.

We should remember that we go to church to celebrate the Mass with Jesus Christ. It was Jesus who celebrated the first Mass with His disciples during the Last Supper when He broke bread and gave it to His disciples. We go to church to celebrate Mass with Jesus Christ and not to participate in it by standing outside the church.

Some people even don’t switch off their mobile phones during Mass. The loud ringing of their mobile phones disturbs not only the priest standing at the altar celebrating the Mass, but also the congregation.

When people go for retreats or one-day prayer services, they are asked to switch off their mobile phones. Retreatants who do not switch off their mobile phones are dealt with severely. Their mobile phones are confiscated and never returned.

All churches in India should follow the rule of Tabor Ashram/Tabor Bhavan. Tabor Ashram/Tabor Bhavan also has a particular dress code for retreatants. Both men and women are asked to dress up decently. But what do we see in our local churches? Vulgarity! I have seen people standing outside the church during Mass and talking crap. Even during adoration time when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, they are not fully praying. Many parents even carry snacks like wafers and biscuits for their little ones and give them to eat during the Mass. Looks like their children will faint or die of hunger during the 45 minutes of the Mass. These people will never inherit the kingdom of God.

I hope people after reading this, will realize their folly. The church is the House of God and not a fashion centre. It is okay to dress up indecently during parties, weddings and other social gatherings. No one will question you there. But why dress up indecently in church? Remember, Jesus is fully present in the church, especially in the Blessed Sacrament. He does not want you to dress up indecently in sexy and revealing outfits when the Mass is being celebrated. Women, remember Satan is using you to tempt holy men. Consider this as a warning from God. I also know a lot of people who have not made their confession for years. These people have given their souls to the devil.

Jubel D’Cruz

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