Friday, June 18, 2021
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Parrikar paving way for a win-win situation

Having played the cards close to the chest, Manohar Parrikar paved way to become Goa’s Chief Minister for the fourth term to upset Congress hopes. Now he has to prove his majority within 48 hours and the real test will be on the floor of the house. Sulking Congress leaders raised the issue in Parliament, slamming the BJP and blaming them for not accepting people’s mandate in Manipur and Goa and staking claim to form governments in the two states even though the BJP was not the single largest party. Everything is fair in love and war and BJP played the trump card Parrikar to bring the issue beyond the reach of Congress. The drama unfolded in a quick move and that paid rich dividends in the end to capture power in Goa against all odds.

Jayanthy S Maniam


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