Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Parrikar’s ghar-wapsi

Kudos to Manohar Parrikar for being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Goa for the fourth time. Parrikar is immensely popular in the coastal state for his spartan lifestyle and good governance. The greatness of Manohar Parrikar is that he is IIT graduate the first CM with such qualification and he has been invited to form the government for the fifth time. What a great Performer!  He is an effective, efficient and no-nonsense administrator. He has been a significant figure in Goa for the BJP and RSS for nearly 25 years, and has fulfilled his organisational duties quite remarkably. He is a known as a strict taskmaster in his home state and used to keep a close eye on issues concerning the ‘aam aadmi’. He does not want any special treatment at any place like other minister. He stands in queue for getting his work done and sometimes travels in public transport without security. The Congress has won 17 seats and has emerged as the single largest party but if the party had managed to negotiate a coalition deal with the MGP and the Goa Forward Party the Governor would have invited it to form the government. There is no doubt that BJP under the leadership of Parrikar will work for the welfare of Goa residents.

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