Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Peace in the valley

Dialogue to bring peace in Kashmir is going to be the new way forward to the Kashmir issue. This is the way we have tried to solve the issue whichever government was at the helm. But we never got any success. The Hurriyat has been pretending to having dialogue with the government interlocutors on one side and on the other doing whatever needed to be done to disrupt the peace in the region. And because of this the dialogue has not yielded any result. People who used the youth of Kashmir to keep themselves safe and serve their purpose did not want to solve the issue. Because their primary job was to take money from Pakistan and create unrest in Kashmir. It was very easy for Pakistan to do this with the help of these people. Indians now do not have any faith in being able to get peace in the valley by dialogue. The central government wants to solve this issue through peaceful means, but we do not get any such signals from the other side. The Kashmir issue has been linked to religion. There is no one in Kashmir who is teaching people to do good deeds to be a good theocrat. Only seeds of hate against India is being sown. This ideology has to be changed and then only will the solution through peaceful dialogue can be found.

Vilas Pundle

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