Monday, September 27, 2021
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Pedalling on Marine Drive

Civic body is geared up to open 11 km track in Marine Drive and it is a very good move. Unclog Mumbai is a timely step and the results are forthcoming to help the city’s traffic run smoother.  Whatever steps suggested by the experts and citizen does not serve the desired purpose. Cycling is a good exercise and this will help to reduce pollution level to a great extent. Traffic snarls are seen during the peak time and the increase in number of vehicles on the road cause traffic disruptions. We do not have a separate cycle track and the present one at Marine Drive can prove handy during the busy traffic time. Unlike the US, we do not have special cycling lanes and our offices are not equipped with lockers and shower-rooms that we can freshen up after cycling our way to work. Also, the Indian weather does not permit exercise all year around—the summers are bad, rainy season has its own woes, and the winter is practically non-existent.  It is time to develop more cycling tracks in the main city and ensure accident-free ride to encourage more takers of the cycling track regularly.

Jayanthy S. Maniam

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