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Pedestrian killed by Pokemon Go playing truck driver in Japan

A Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go while driving hit two pedestrians, killing one and injuring the other, state broadcaster NHK said, in Japan’s first death related to the Nintendo Co craze.

Flowers are laid near the scene where a passer-by was killed after being hit by a driver playing "Pokemon Go" while driving in Tokushima
Police in the western city of Tokushima arrested the driver after the accident on Wednesday evening on suspicion of negligent driving, NHK said.

A spokesman for Niantic, which developed Pokemon Go jointly with Nintendo affiliate Pokemon Company, said the company was aware of the accident.

He said that earlier this month it had added a pop-up to the Pokemon Go screen when it detected an increase in speed asking for confirmation the user was not driving.

He didn’t say whether the developer would take further steps to guard against accidents.

The popularity of augmented-reality Pokemon Go around the world has generated crowds of people in parks and other public places as user search for monsters, but has also been blamed for injuries and robberies of distracted users.


Signs at parks and other places in Japan have asked users to avoid creating a nuisance.

In Taiwan on Sunday Pokemon Go monster hunters caused a stampede in Taipei blocking streets in the capital. Police there have increased fines on scooter riders found playing the game in traffic.

News reports in July claimed that a Guatemalan teenager was the first Pokemon fatality after he was shot breaking into a house while playing the game.

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