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People’s mindset towards women must change

Don’t you think that there is lack of reformation in the society when it comes to respecting women? Everyday I notice a video dedicated to womanhood or traumas that which only women can undergo. My question is whether NGO’s and websites are really working well when it comes to creating awareness about this issue? It can almost solve 80 per cent of psychological issues when it comes to a man’s vision about woman what about the remaining 20 per cent? We can surely bring reformation without any help.

Youth residing in slums have facebook account but what kind of friends they have we don’t know. Do you think that infomercial videos reach them? Very few might have seen those videos but how long will it impact their minds? Actually, they can’t waste their credit balance to buffer those videos as they will have to incur additional expenditure. Yes they can surely download porn and watch it because it’s where their interest lies. Nowadays, facebook has become a gallery to upload pictures.

You might have come across pictures which are photo shopped like a fancy frame to the picture or some animated characters or some sort of Hindi shayaris. For these kinds of group or people Facebook isn’t enough as they need live shows because these are the people who create ruckus and profanity everywhere. They are the ones who cannot actually respect women other than their mothers.

    These groups of people who must be taught to respect women:-

  1. Auto Rickshaw drivers
  2. Taxi drivers
  3. Married men from slums and below poverty line (not all are same)
  4. Men who cannot afford smartphone
  5. Men who only use facebook for viewing pornography
  6. Waiters from local restaurants
  7. Labours working in factories or commercial premises
  8. Watchmen and old generation from middle class family and below

They have to be made socially aware about the women’s position in the society because for them women wearing short clothes, skinny, fair, bright lipstick are always considered to be characterless or the one who attracts men, and has no ethical value about the culture and society. How could we change this?

This is one of the major reasons why we have not achieved progress. There are people and NGOs who are trying their best to bring awareness but somewhere down the line these organisation’s focus have been changed. Every organisation in the name of fame and money has started commercialising these issues. The material prepared by these people is definitely interesting and informative unfortunately it is not reaching those places where it is intended to reach. For instance, if I own a NGO which is doing good work in my locality but it is unable to create awareness among large section of people. We are not well exposed to the outside world and are restricted to our own imagination.

Women are still under threat and will continue to remain for longer period; there is no solution to address this issue. Families can’t go beyond their way to protect their girls. They cannot change residences easily due to financial problem. They cannot change the route going towards colleges, work places. However, people’s mentality can be changed but it cannot be achieved through the efforts of one or two person. We need major force and organisations who are well equipped and don’t restrict themselves to a particular geographical area. Let’s hope for the best and betterment of womanhood in the future.

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