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Plastic bags, a threat to mankind

Plastic bags are really nothing but a product of laziness and poor planning. Plastic bags find their origin in a variety of places. Non-grocery retail stores and restaurants are significant contributors, but there is no greater impact than the plastic bag waste that is generated by grocery stores.

The widespread use of plastic carry bags undoubtedly poses a serious problem. With global warming on the rise, we have to do every bit that we can to save the environment. The major chemicals that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic and pose a serious threat to living beings of all species on earth. While there should be a strict ban on plastics, considering its ill-effects on the human beings and the environment, people should desist from accepting material in plastic bags. It is the moral duty of people to refrain from using plastic bags. While educating people on the need to shun plastic, we also need to make available cheaper, safer, durable alternatives. Cloth and jute bags need to be attractively priced, easily available. Authorities alone cannot be blamed for the plastic pollution.
Our most of the lakes and urban drain systems are choking because of plastic bags. Due to government negligence, across the country and her maritime boundaries or coastline, animals particularly cows and bulls, are ingesting plastic from garbage dumps and plastic bags littered across the landscape and oceans. Thin plastic has a tendency to cause flooding by chocking drains, and can easily travel by wind and water, thus increasing the flooding of public places during rains.

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