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NSEL Victims ask for Euthanasia

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[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Sanjay Desai an investor seeks PM Modi’s intervention for resolving the grievances of depositors who have lost money due to NSEL scam.[/inlinetweet]

When comedian Kapil Sharma had tweeted about corruption prevailing in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation by tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi everyone right from Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and BMC officials took a serious note of it. On the other hand, when Sanjay Desai an investor who had lost his hard earned money had posted a tweet urging the PM to grant permission for NSEL victims for euthanasia he received no response from anyone. He had tweeted that the forthcoming Diwali festival looks bleak for investors who are yet to recover their money due the NSEL scam. There are many other investors like Desai who have lost their money in the scam fighting to retrieve their money. Investors have demanded assessment of the attached assets so that they can be correctly valued, identification of unencumbered assets and their notification in the state gazette. They have also asked the government to set up a special court to hear NSEL case.

BJP spokesperson Shweta Shalini has been actively taking up the cause of NSEL victims with concerned officials. Netizens have lauded her initiative for lending a helping hand to investors who have lost money on account of the NSEL scam.

Siddharth Asar ‏tweeted, “Best wishes to Shweta Shalini who is the voice of 15000 nselscam affected families. God bless always! My 70 old mother keeps asking why BJP is allowing NSEL promoters to go scot free after looting her of all savings?

Intolerant RK tweeted, “Great soul Shweta Shalini Ji thanks for all help to NSEL victims.”

The forum named NSEL Fight tweeted, “NSEL investors’ poetic gratitude to Shweta Shalini who honestly stood on the right side.”

NSEL’s payment troubles started after it was ordered by regulator Forward Markets Commission (FMC) in July 2013 to suspend spot trade in most of its contracts due to suspected trading violations.

Gujjubhai posted,‏ “Big thanks to Shweta Shalini for protecting NSEL crusader. Without you the evil would have won.”

Shweta Shalini replied, “May god give us power to fight.”

Anushka Agnihotri a writer posted, “Let’s hope some miracle will happen and investors will get justice.”

The exchange could not settle the outstanding trades, leading to investigations by the police and regulators to find out whether the exchange had defrauded traders by not enforcing rules requiring sufficient collateral to be set aside.

Ashish Chokshi tweeted, “These days it seems easier to get stuck by lightning than get justice in #nsel scam.”

Sadiya Zain tweeted, “NSEL crook Jignesh Shah enjoying our tax paid hard earned money.”

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