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Police deserve a big round of applause

Dr. Rashmi Shetty asks citizens to come forward and file a complaint with the police whenever crime occurs.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty-AV

Whenever a crime happens, people don’t file a complaint as they feel that police won’t cooperate with them and register the case. Often citizens are worried about the hassles they have to face by narrating about the entire incident to the police hence they don’t file  the complaint.

Dermatalogist Dr. Rash mi Shetty too had wrong perception about the police initi ally when her jewellery was stolen by her maid Nivedita. She failed to register a compliant with the police even though her maid had fled away after stealing the jewellery. To make matters worse her father too had passed away during the same period.

Rashmi’s mother had asked her to file a complaint with the police. She was hesitant to approach the police and replied, “The police make people so uncomfortable. I don’t want to go there. They don’t cooperate with the complainant.”

After five months, Rashmi’s mother once again pressurised her to register the complaint. She also added that jewellery was very valuable to her. She nonetheless asked Rashmi to visit the police station and atleast make an attempt to file the complaint. Finally, Rashmi appro ached the police station but she had to wait for five hours and also had to interact with three police officials. After completing the formalities and filing the complaint she returned home.

One day Rashmi received a call from Maruti Kadam, Police Inspector from Bandra Police Station asking her to visit the police station. She then visited the police station as the inspector asked her, “Why you did not file a complaint when this incident had occurred?” Rashmi replied, “I’ve hardly seen police officials working and I don’t believe they ever work.” Kadam smiled and went inside his cabin.

After sometime, he informed Rashmi that Nivedita has been arrested and they have recovered the jewellery from her.The accused had mortgaged Rashmi’s jewellery for availing loan and the police had recovered it from the bank. Subsequently, she was asked to appear before the court for testifying her jewellery. Later, the court ordered the police to return the valuables to Rashmi.

Rashmi was pleased with the functioning of the police and said, “Through this incident, I have learnt thatgood and bad people exist in the society but we should not judge them equally. Educated people often fail to register a complaint after losing their valuables. Police are doing their job efficiently and we need to trust them.”

Maruti Kadam, Police Inspector from Bandra Police Station said, “People are unaware about the functioning of the police. They are keen to regain their lost valuables immediately after filing a complaint which is a difficult task. On the other hand, we have to adhere to rules while carrying out investigation.”

“Since the complainant had filed a complaint after six months of the occurrence of the crime hence there was a delay in resolving this case. If people cooperate with us and provide the relevant information about the crime then it makes our task easier,” he said.

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