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Political pressure behind Nikhil Wagle’s exit from TV9?

"Wagle is known as a bold journalist who never fears from expressing his own views pertaining to various issues of national significance."

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Renowned journalist Nikhil Wagle had to quit TV9 Marathi channel as he was exposing the nexus between builders and politicians.

Wagle is known as a bold journalist who never fears from expressing his own views pertaining to various issues of national significance. He also has criticised the policies of right wing extremist organisations and had received flak from them. Another speculation is that Republic television channel’s owner and NDA minister MP Rajeev Chandrashekar had brought TV9. So Wagle might have been shown the door due to political pressure on him. TV9 had suddenly terminated Wagle’s show ‘Sadetod’ which was aired between 9 PM and 10 PM without offering any explanations. The show was very popular among viewers and also had garnered huge TRP’s. He had knack of connecting with the audience through his shows.

Netizens came forward in support of Wagle and asked him to continue with the good work and expose the truth. They also have created a page on facebook named ‘We support Nikhil Wagle’.

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav posted, “Please start a YouTube channel. You have a huge fan following and need not depend on any channel.”

Vinay Sakure tweeted, “Well said… He should start his own channel to realize his credibility in Maharashtra!!! Paid Journo.”

Sunil Kamble said, “Nikhil Wagle is a fearless journalist and he doesn’t fear any MP, MLA or corporator and always gives his frank opinions. Today most of the news channels have become commercialised. There is an alleged nexus between channels, political parties and corporates. They have to air shows that show the work done by the incumbent government or else they will be criticised. Today news channels have lost their authenticity as many times they don’t report about genuine incidents. Since Nikhil has a tendency to expose politicians and businessmen hence channels don’t allow him to discharge his duties amicably and he was asked to quit.”

Gaurav Naikar said, “Marathi news channels are not owned by Maharashtrians. Mr Wagle should start a new channel by going for a partnership with local residents of the state.”

Arif Shaikh said, “Earlier newspapers were meant to provide issues affecting the common man but now they have become commercialised. People should come forward in support of journalists. Only they will be able to save media which is known as the fourth pillar of democracy.”

Nikhil Wagle tweeted, “Dear friends, I’m humbled by your overwhelming support regarding the censorship of my show. Have no words to express gratitude. Thanks a lot.”

As per agreement Wagle was supposed to host the show for a year. However, the channel had terminated the show within two months of starting it which has become a huge setback for him.

“The show had garnered huge TRPs and was immensely popular among viewers. The channel had terminated the show due to political pressure,” said Wagle.

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