Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Pollard – Manjrekar verbal diarrhoea

Gentleman’s game of cricket is suffering at the hands of new generation of cricketers opting to play shortest form of the game for big money. As IPL 10 season began during the summer months, the heat generated in the field will be passed on in parts outside the playing arena as well. Sanjay Manjrekar – Kieron Pollar spat and subsequent tweets are in bad taste and the social media is able to generate heat and the matter is taken off the field as well.  Sitting in commentary box and criticising and playing the game in the middle of the field are two different things. How can man sitting with mike in hand make a hasty remark about the way Pollard got out and making a critical analysis saying that the batsman is only good enough to bat for the last six or seven overs, is too much for the asking. Hit and run game of T-20 cricket need big hitters and these cricketers did not wait for national selection but ready to play IPL because it involves big money. Sanjay Manjrekar crossed the limits and Pollard paid him in his own coin. Pollard – Manjrekar verbal diarrhoea is assuming greater importance than the slapgate, which hit one more Mumbai player in a spot and banned for the rest of the IPL season. The case of Harsha Bhogle leaving the commentator’s box scene is fresh in our minds for all the wrong reasons.

Ram Nath

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