Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Pot calling the kettle black

It is very easy to play blame game and Harbhajan Singh is now calling the kettle black. Singh is trying hard to be on the limelight both for the right and wrong reasons as he is not in National selection grading system.  He supported skipper Rohit Sharma blindly earlier without knowing the cricketing laws. Rohit Sharma’s outburst was not in good taste and he was punished with 50% match fees also.  In 2008 Harbhajan Singh was instrumental in starting racial remarks against Symonds by calling him “Monkey” and the Monkeygate episode became famous at the International level. He was instrumental in the slapgate episode also and was banned for one full IPL season.  Now, the pot is calling the kettle black by blaming a Jet Airlines Pilot without knowing the actual facts for a racial comment. Harbhajan was not aware of the wide rules when he tried to defend Rohit Sharma’s outburst. The spinner from Punjab is seeking cheap popularity instead of playing the game at its best. Despite taking Smith’s wicket Mumbai Indians lost the game to RPS and now is in second spot in points tally.

Nickhil Mani

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