Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Powai lake tragedy

Whatever said and done drowning incident has crippled the city and neighbourhood.  This is happening for some time during week ends and holidays. A group of partying youngsters celebrating in the house boat met with accident and overturned causing 3 deaths due to drowning. After Aksa beach now Powai Lake is becoming highly dangerous place and despite warnings people prefer these spots for fun frolic. More and more miserable drowning deaths sends wrong signal among the picnickers in the city. Parents sending their children to these dangerous spots are having sleepless nights and if they return home safely then they are lucky enough. They have to advise their children not to undertake such ventures alone. It is time to erect boards to instruct people to follow safety precautions while entering sea or lakes.  After all life is precious and even lifeguards will think twice before venturing into water to save the drowning victims. Newspapers should highlight the risk factor and make a headline out of it so that future generation will take a leaf out of this fact next time when they enter water. Local doctors should be available near these spots to give first aid and other medicinal care to the drowning victims to revive them. Mouth to mouth resurrection can rescue some lives. The intake of water is to be taken out before proceeding further and give the confidence to the victim that survival is possible in his case.  But prevention is better than cure is right.

Jayanthy S. Maniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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