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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Practice prepares perfect players

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practiseCatch them young is true for all sports and athletics in particular. We are going far ahead in sports and proper physical fitness schedule can keep the wards in good stead and give them an additional advantage when they go up high on the ladder and play competitive level matches. We should teach the lads to keep fit so that they can reach the highest level in the sports world and that may help them to go high up on the ladder.  We lack killer instinct as we saw in some of the events we were lagging behind and miss chances of reaching our goal.

We do not have a proper plan of action to encourage sports in the right spirit.  Some of our renowned national sports facilities are poorly run and maintained and thereby give less scope to hit the bull’s eye all the time. We do not pay much importance to the sports bodies which govern various sports.  The sports ministry should join hands with National Institute of Sports (NIS) Patiala, National Sports Federation Indian Olympic Federation, State and District sports bodies should be able to spot the talent and will be in a position to develop the latent talent available in the country and make use of the skills in the best way possible.

How are radical changes in sports not needed when our National sports facilities are poorly run and maintained? The winning couple of medals for 1.5 billion people is a bad track record and something serious should be done to prune up talent at the grass root level. We heard that the Swimming Pools in the country, where the children are trained from the age of 5, whereas in Australia the talent is spotted from a very tender age. So by the time they grow up, they are up for the task of participating in big events as a teenager and also produce the creditable show.

Training methods in India need a new look as we solely depend on foreign coaches to touch the grade at the International games! Why not we go in for local talent in the coaching department also? Gopichand did make the difference to our chances in Shuttle Badminton at the World level. Let us have a broader outlook in producing champions at all levels. It is time to change our outdated and out modelled training methods, develop an exemplary attitude, provide the best food and medical care and Gym facilities to aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen. The major aspect of sports is to monitor the progress of the wards periodically.

Cricket is played more in Mumbai and the 41-time champion has produced many test players. However, the standard of the game is going down considerably and the track record in recent times is not encouraging.  But one thing is sure that the coach can take the wards to train them well, but it is up to the players to perform at the highest level and win laurels and keep the Indian flag fly aloft in the world of sports.

Our sports bodies are defunct and spent a small amount per day spent per person and that is very meagre. When Paralympics participants play a pivotal role in Rio Olympics winning medals, why do our much fitter athletes, cricketers, and sports personalities fail miserably in the finishing line? It is high time we pay heed to the fact and find ways and means in building them up for the big events and for that better council should prevail to make sports as a curriculum in our schools and colleges to produce more and more champions.

Training schedule commenced at a young age yield better result in making up of a sportsman. He should go through the tight schedule and practice well to attain perfection. It is true that practice prepares perfect players and the amount of work out the players undergo before playing for India pays well when they represent the country. There lies the real success.

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