President conveys a right message

Pranab Mukherjee has given a good speech on the occasion of Republic Day sending out a message to political parties in the manner in which they are running the government. The seniors holding constitutional posts do not speak out to educate the masses. Mukherjee had said that fractured Lok Sabha poll verdict will not augur well for the country. He has rightly said that the elections do not give any person the license to flirt with illusions.

The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi must inform Kejriwal, look here friend, you have violated the law, you have attempted to demoralize the police force (whether they are corrupt or not is to be dealt with separately). Therefore, you first face the punishment and thereafter I will listen to all your pontifications. The so called Maoists are also indulging in the same thing. They want to demoralize the police and army so that the public is left defenceless and instability is created. Authorities must inform AAP party workers that they may be the most virtuous persons but they must first respect the law (they can amend it if they disapprove it) and conduct themselves with discipline and decency.

Even if they select a school boy to join the Republic Day parade salute, he will wear a proper cap and not wrap round a muffler with belligerent countenance. Do they think the jawans also must turn turn rebellious like them? The shocking aspect is that they are saying that the Congress is not their enemy (they are already weakened, they say) and that BJP is their rival. They want to weaken the BJP also so that instability is created. All of us must guard against such machinations.

Our country is facing lot of problems which are in different quantum. Even our families and societies too are facing hardships but there is only one way to overcome them by solving them with dedication and perseverance. Disorder and disobedience is not the path to success. Let us be sincere and constructive. Look at the face of Somnath Bharti when he says, madame “Modiji ne kitne paise diye hain”? This statement speaks volumes about his thinking. Public must judge it’s leaders by their actions, spoken words, body language and the policies followed by them. They should cast their votes responsibly. Nation looks up to your wisdom.