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Pro-Jallikattu protests rock Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu, one of the oldest exciting and dangerous sports is a bull taming sport performed in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal (harvest carnival) celebrations. Injuries and deaths are common in Jallikattu sports because as you know that a hit of bull on wrong part of human body is deadly. Tamil Nadu will have to do without Jallikattu during the Pongal weekend. But after the protests during the bull fight the event could take place partially. Jallikattu was banned by the Central government in 2014. In November, the Supreme Court had dismissed Tamil Nadu’s plea seeking that it review its judgement on the ban in view of the popularity of the sport. Now, over 5000 people gathered at Chennai’s Marina beach in support of Jallikattu and the protesters demanded a ban on PETA. The state Government is in total fix and both the centre and Supreme Court would like to take on it in the hope of banning the sport from the cruelty to animal angle and keeping in view of the fatal injuries caused by this bull taming sport. Excitement apart let us also think about the seriousness of the sport and ban it once for all.

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