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Pros and cons of social networking sites

People today are addicted to social networking sites. Be it facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, they are busy wasting away all their time on social network. While these are means to stay connected, people use them so frequently that today they are addicted to social networks. After visiting any place they click pictures and post them on facebook. Type any message below the pictures and wait for it to be liked or commented upon by your friends. The greater the number of people added on your friend list, the more popular you are considered to be. It is a matter of pride for the account holder.

One expresses their views through their twitter handle on various topics including politics. Even on facebook, people can post their opinion on anything and receive comments. They share articles from any newspaper, magazines, websites etc. They can post anything to everything for others to see, read, like or comment upon. In fact, they act as an important tool for influencing people. Perhaps that is why political parties use this medium as a tool to reach out to maximum number of people and spread their message. Although we live in a democracy and enjoy freedom of speech, we still need to pay heed as to what we post on social networking sites. There have been examples wherein young girls and boys have been arrested for the comments posted by them on their timeline.
Two girls from Palghar, for example, had posted about Balasaheb Thackeray after his demise that they failed to understand why so much hue and cry was raised after his death. For this, they were arrested but later released on bail. Thus the girls and their families had to go through so much hassle just because they had expressed their opinion on facebook. On the negative side, social networking sites can also trigger violence, spread hatred and bring about a revolution. One can express their like or dislike towards any particular practice via facebook. Such is its strength.

On a positive note, social networking sites can keep people updated about what is currently happening in the world through posts. They not only keep us updated about what is happening in the lives of the people haven’t spoken to in ages but they also help us to connect to strangers having similar views. Thus social networking sites if used carefully, will keep us away from boredom and aware of what is happening around the world.

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