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Prostitution should be legalised

Every day we hear the news pertaining to rape, molestation and other heinous crimes committed against women. India ranks high when it comes to crime against women. A question which arises in my mind is why is crime against women rising day by day? All of us are aware about the reasons but still we don’t speak about it. People are obsessed with sex.

Few days back, I was doing a research about crimes against women. I noticed that several countries exist in the world where crimes against the fairer sex are low. On the other hand, women are not safe in India. While continuing with my research, I learnt that legalization of brothel was the main reason behind low crime rates against women in these countries.

Prostitution is legal in countries like Argentina, Belgium Brazil, Venezuela. People are obsessed about sex hence rape incidents are occurring. In order to fulfill their sexual desires, people rape women, and children. Several legalized brothel exist in these nations where patrons can visit and satisfy their sexual desires.

According to me, prostitution should be legalised in India which will pave way for reduction in rapes, human trafficking, and murders. It can also become a source of livelihood for many people. Prostitution has been existing since the evolution of mankind. It happens between two consenting adults exchanging a service for money. Sex workers could also form work unions in support of their rights.

If the government legalizes prostitution then it will prove to be a boon for many. Prostitution can become a profitable industry but there must be age restrictions on it. This step will not only earn more revenues for the government through taxes, but also through redirecting police resources towards resolving larger problems.

It is necessary to impart sex education to minors due to rise in rapes committed by them. Those who disagree with this, especially parents, have to realize that there is no way in which you can control your child. Today children are exposed to media, internet and social networking sites. Instead of putting restrictions on children it is better to talk to them so that they can gain proper knowledge about sex and they will also know about the difference between right and wrong. There is a serious need to educate them about sex before it’s too late.

People who are opposing the legalization of prostitution don’t have any problem with a 15-year-old woman marrying a 35-year-old man. Is this act any different from prostitution? Obviously no. Finally the government must legalise prostitution so that crimes against women can be reduced.

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