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Protestors should work for nation’s development

Living in a democratic set up is always a rich experience for citizens of India.  They make use of the freedom of speech to great extent by expressing the views in an open way for the upliftment of society in general and improving the discipline of the country’s citizens as a whole.  The recent violence incidents occurring in Kashmir worries the citizens of the country. We live in a democracy but are scared to express our views openly. I have an opening feeling about my pet peeves.

Kashmir is giving jitters to the people living there and the State and Central Government as well. This is a bad thing happening within the four walls of the country in the name of terrorism.  Huge human loss is causing concern for a peaceful country like ours.  Instead of beating the bush we should all should have a rational thinking and work for peace and tranquility all the time.  We witness gun wielding police and security forces rounding up and picketing the State in every nook and corner.  Despite all the efforts, we find the youngsters carry bucket of stones to throw at the security forces and cause chaos and in turn lose their lives also for nothing. They throw stones at police pickets and waste their energy. My feeling is that these youngsters should spend their time usefully by joining sporting activities and thereby they can keep the Indian flag flying in sporting arena.  Again, these stone throwers can participate in Shot put and Javelin throw events and showcase their talent there. They can play cricket as well and a direct hit at the wicket can fetch huge purse of money also in IPL and other International matches.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is gaining momentum and people of every walk of life join the great movement under the leadership of our Prime Minister. On the whole, it is a successful movement and the people take it in right spirits to make it a most successful one. However, when we witness the operation going on in a society or in streets, we observe the people targeting one particular space for cleaning in the aim of coming under the lens of press and getting their photos published in news dailies. This is not in a good taste and defeats the very purpose of cleaning a park or a locality and its surrounding instead of concentrating at one place for the sake of appearing in photograph for publicity purpose.

People park their vehicles haphazardly and trouble the others parking. However, my pet peeve is to remove the unwanted vehicles parked in the main parking lot.  They not only make the others to suffer and the dust accumulated in the vehicles will cause diseases like Bronchitis and Asthma. Societies should make arrangements to remove unwanted vehicles.  After all cleanliness is next to Godliness.

In and around area of the society is to be kept clean.  By allowing dogs inside the society the cleanliness part is not maintained properly.  To add salt to the wound people throw rubbish from the balconies and making it worst for passer by. We can see a used piece of condom or sanitary napkin on the walking track to give a shabby look to an otherwise well maintained society. It is time to react and make things move to keep a clean green city.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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