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Purush Hakka Sanrakshan Samiti comes in support for Deepak Tijori

Wife for 22 years, is not his ‘ardhangini’ for the actor, rumoured hitting the vicinity and Bollywood.

A popular 90s actor turns director Deepak Tijori hit the headlines on Friday for his soured marriage. Report published in the section of media stated that, ‘Gulaam’ actor is going through divorce proceeding with his wife Shivani Tijori has lately found out that his better half is actually not his wife. The report claims that Deepak had taken a counsellor’s help and it was then he found out that Shivani had not divorced her first husband before marrying him, making his marriage null and void legally. To complicate the matter further, his equation with his daughter isn’t smooth either. However, Mr. Tijori received a support and backing from the Purush Hakka Sanrakshan Samini, an NGO fighting for the Men’s right.

The friend of the actor confirmed that, “Shivani’s marriage to Deepak is null and void if she hadn’t divorced her first husband. So, why should Deepak maintain her cost of living? Their daughter Samara, 21, is not a minor. Therefore, she does not qualify for maintenance. As far as her relationship with her father goes, it’s nice but tilted in favour of Shivani; Samara is closer to Shivani than to Deepak.”

Reports appeared that Deepak Tijori has been thrown out of his home by wife Shivani who believes he is having an extramarital affair. All these days Deepak has been living with friends house a paying guest, because Shivani had ensured he has no access to his home.

But the source in Bollywood, close to Mr. Tijori said AV under the condition of anonymity that Deepak is staying in his own house, he is been given certain area to live. His wife suspects him for having extramarital affair, there are on-going differences but the actor has not moved out of the house.

A family court lawyer informed that, “Deepak and his wife were very well legally married. If a wife is still married to her first husband, why would Deepak keep quiet for so long? They have a 21-year-old daughter together. All that published in the media is either a conspiracy that is going on against Shivani, who has filed a case for maintenance, claiming she is a “deserted wife” who cannot maintain her and her daughter’s expenses. Deepak has allegedly filed another case of ‘nullity’ against Shivani. The battle is being fought in Family Court, Bandra.

“These stories are published without any proof,” says a woman activist Sushila Nigal. She further added that, “This matter involves their daughter in it, and media should show some sensitivity. Deepak’s daughter is very close to him and do not deserve such news about her. There is a court case going on, and it is best to wait for the judgement.”

When AV tried to contact Deepak and Shivani, inspite of several attempts the correspondent calls were not responded by them. AV also sent text messages with all the relevant details but they do not respond.

This is not the first time that Tijori is hitting the headlines. Earlier, Goregaon’s Garden Estate Co-operative Housing Society asked Tijori and his family to vacate their house in November 2012, following complaints from their neighbours. Tijori family had been living there since 2009. The residents of the building accused them of behaving rudely, not paying charges on time, insulting the society’s office bearers and bringing disrepute to them. After a general meeting of the members, the society passed a resolution and sent a notice to Tijori, asking him to vacate his flats within the next 30 days. The resolution was sent to the local registrar.

However, he responded by filing a criminal case against nine members of the society and in October 2014, the registrar gave the decision in his favour. Tijori called the legal proceedings a “long nightmarish battle” and accused the society for charging wrongful maintenance money.

However, Tijori received the backing from the Purush Hakka Saurakshan Samiti (PHSM), an NGO fighting for men’s right.  Dipak Shirsat, member of PHSM said, “In many cases, we have found that women register false cases of harassment on her husband under maintenance or the DV Act as their parents and relatives encourage them to do so, believing the laws to be on the woman’s side. That’s why; we stand with men who are victimised by the laws. We are not against any gender, but we are helping keeping in mind the principle that every gender is equal before the law.”

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