QR-code based passes to access local trains, metro and monorail for commuters in Mumbai

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Mumbai Railways to upgrade its passes for city commuters. The QR-code-based railway pass is the Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The Maharashtra government’s Disaster Management Team has decided to implement its use for the Mumbai suburban local trains.

The railways are working together with the state government and would ensure full support in systematic pass classification once again. There will be five levels and in the entire MMR, people will be able to access local trains, Metro and monorail based on the levels of limits declared by the BMC, which would be the nodal authority. Government employees (local/state and Central) have been allowed to travel in locals at all levels of restrictions.

All the passes have typical classifications in levels up to which people can travel. For instance, if it mentions Level 3, then the holder may travel if the level of restrictions under force is 1, 2 or 3. If it mentions Level 2, then the bearer may travel only if the level of restrictions under force is 1 or 2. The passes for Level 5 shall allow the bearer to use the pass across all levels.

The QR code on the pass can be scanned through any Smartphone using a QR code reader and it would instantly display whether a particular one is genuine. This would make it impossible for people to travel on fake passes, a letter written by the State Disaster Management Authority to the railways stated. Also, all public transport authorities, including rail authorities, have been empowered to collect fines.

“Given that a large number of travellers need passes, we will make them mandatory from a date, which will be communicated with the railways later. Till then, the current system of checking and regulating will continue for travellers who do not possess the universal pass,” the letter adds.

A Central Railway spokesperson confirmed that the railways had received the letter and said, “We have launched an intensive drive against fake ID cards and irregular travellers, permitting only those categories of people as identified by the state government.”