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Quality of a Good Dance Teacher

Craze for dance has become so big that person of every age wants to learn to dance now. Reality dance shows like Chak Doom Doom and the DID L’il Masters have evoked hysteria amongst the kids nowadays. Recently, I was in Bhopal, Jaipur, Guwahati and Chandigarh for some workshops and almost every one I met said how do we choose the correct dance teacher? Do the reality show stars really make a good dance teacher? Does the popularity in dance really mean one is an excellent dance teacher?

My advice to all those people who cannot go to a big city to learn from big and popular teachers, is that look for a good dance teacher in your own or your neighbouring city. You might just hit the jackpot by finding a true teacher.

I always keep insisting that a good dancer might not be a good teacher, so be careful in your choice of the dance teacher because the wrong decision would mean wrong techniques and an incorrect growth as a dancer. I have mentioned below some qualities of a good teacher that can help you find your guiding light:

How long has the teacher been teaching? How long has he or she been dancing? Find out what dancing certifications, if any, he or she has. While credentials are important, don’t overlook retired professional dancers. These dancers often become exceptional dance teachers, with no previous certifications.

Does the teacher teach different styles of dance? Some dance teachers conduct classes for several dance genres, such as ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop, jazz, Ballroom, Bollywood, Classical and folk. Make sure the teacher is actually qualified to teach the style you prefer and don’t simply fill up his or her enrolment book.

Does the teacher seem truly dedicated to dance? If he/she was a professional dancer, you can probably assume a great deal of pride and dedication for the profession of dance. Observe the way he or she teaches and conducts a class. A dedicated dance teacher will appear to be completely in love with the idea of teaching others how to dance.

Is the dance teacher always running behind? Do classes continuously begin late? A good dance teacher will always strive to be an example of responsibility, as responsibility is a trait of a good dancer. If you feel as if you are always standing around waiting for the teacher, it’s probably time to look for a new one.

Do you feel yourself invisible in your dance class? Every student in a dance class should feel important and respected. Even if you are dancing on the back row, the teacher should make an effort to make eye contact and communicate with you. A respectable teacher will pay attention to each and every student and correct them individually, helping them to gradually build their technique. A good teacher will respect every one of his or her students.

Above all, is the passion for the art form. A good teacher is one who lives his or her passion. Teaching with full being, not bothering about the time, place or the environment what explain the passion of a teacher. A passionate teacher is the one who will offer their students all the knowledge he or she possess without suppressing anything.

Tips for finding a dance teacher
If you’re looking for dance teachers in your area, check the yellow pages or the local newspapers. You can even browse the internet and find out dance teachers close to your area, check out their website and other information on the internet. Many schools, colleges and clubs also offer dance classes in the evening, as an extra curricular activity and usually at very reasonable rates. Also check local health clubs and fitness centres, as many people are realizing the health benefits of dancing. The best way is to visit the places where the dance lovers meet, have seminars, lecture or party that’s the correct place to find a good teacher, when you will observe a student dancing well just get the name of their teacher and there you have found your Guru.

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