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Radical reforms needed to overhaul the system

I have watched Amit Shah on television a few times and have been judging his performance in taming vested interests in BJP. I appreciate his brevity and composure. The people, who are accusing Mr Shah of communalizing the atmosphere in his speech, are simply trying to discourage him. He had merely spoken about of talking revenge by pressing the button of EVM. There is nothing wrong in it. Mr Shah did not say that he will murder some person therefore complaints registered against him are unjustified.

We need a strong man to become the Home Minister of India. He should be provided professional assistance by appointing Kiran Bedi (persuade her) as his deputy. Narendra Modi must be put on probation for three months to see what work he will perform after becoming the Prime Minister. There is a possibility that leaders like Uma Bharti and Shatrughan Sinha may come forward and start demanding a ministerial berth in the party. Sushmaji may say, “I am very fit and I persuaded Advani to support you so please make me Deputy PM. I will not organize any rally against you like Devi Lal.”

Advani might support Sushma Swaraj as the deputy PM but he might urge the party to atleast make him a Home Minister as he is the original “loh purush”. He may even threaten to join Mulayam Singh, Mayawati and Sharad Pawar and they might even make him Deputy PM. If Modi succumbs to such pressures and agrees, then, the slogan has to change from Congress mukt Bharat to BJP mukta Bharat”. So, friends, be watchful to see what Modi eventually does. I have more faith in Amit Shah in this matter, this man will most likely say , “None of the above”.

Our country is passing through a very difficult phase so please remain very wise and alert. A lot of discipline will have to be injected in our Civil Services so that they become active partners in development and not remain a hindrance, as at present. Radical reforms are needed but it is necessary to stick to basic. The “safai karmacharis” must commence cleaning the roads and surroundings. Teachers must start teaching and refrain from blackmailing. Training must be imparted to women for policing, driving the autos and providing health care in the hospitals. Men should work in factories. Nargis had played the role of a teacher in Shree 420. “Ichak dana bichak dana dane upar dana…..hari thee manbhari thee lakh moti jadi thee, rajaji ke bag me dushala odhe khadi thee…). The actress’s daughter must emulate her.

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