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Rahul favours decentralization of power

Rahul Gandhi in an interview with a reputed editor, looked very much like Shammi Kapoor. Some imaginative film maker should take a note of this and offer him a role in remake of the film China Town, Junglee or Rajkumar. People wrongly accuse him of playing dynastic politics forgetting that he did not chose to be born in Gandhi family. This is done only to derive sadistic pleasure. Opposition is criticizing him and wants to oppose him in elections because they know that he is a gentleman. They will not dare to speak against Raj Thackeray because they will be demolished like the toll nakas. The method is wrong but the cause is right. Early this month, I had visited Loni Kalbhor and had to shell out almost 500 rupees as toll. Tolls at some renowned “ nakas” on this route has been levied for many years without any one bothering about reviewing it. Is it intelligence? (what the public feels about it) gathering, is it governance?

We are talking of dynasty and targeting Ashok Chavan when his wife said on TV that, my father-in-law was a CM, my husband is a CM and my son also will be a CM. You must know your cadres and not appoint any one as CM if you are aware of the tendencies of close family members. It’s your job as a party head. Decentralisation of power and giving it in the hands of the common man is not easy. There is no guarantee that this common man may not turn quickly into a “power man”. Can you forget Kamarajji, Chandra Shekhar and Deve Gowda? In the modern world look at Azam Khan, Mulayam Singh, Akhilesh Yadav, Behn Mayawati ( her own MP cannot easily meet her), Karunanidhi, his warring family members and Laluji etc.

See how Kejriwal is turning into a high command, unwilling to make Binny a minister. Though he was elected on his own as corporator in Delhi and was keen to adopt the “mohala” model. This is because he found “ Bharti” more loyal than Binny. Thus you can notice unethical practices followed by even educated men like Kejriwal. The question again rolls back to not empowering the common man but reforming him. It is expected that the common man will be more responsible, thoughtful, educated, skilled and aware of his/her social responsibilities but who will transform him? Who transforms a common man into a fighting fit General? The first “Aadhar” card I noticed few months ago when it popped out from the bag of our domestic help, a girl looking more like a foreigner instead of Bengali. The women of Amethi will seek assistance from Rahul during his next visit. However it is not right when everybody begins to dole out favours to compete with each other, trying to be one up.

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