Railways not bothered about passengers safety


Tragedies highlight the loopholes in the system. The CST bound train commencing its journey from Kasara met with a tragic accident after five of its boogies were derailed in Titwala. The accident occurred at around 2. 50 pm last week. However, an accident relief train left for the accident site in Titwala only at around 3.15 pm. There was one casualty while twelve people sustained injuries. The deceased has been identified as Dhaval Mayur Lodaya, an 18 year old male. However, nearly a week after the tragedy occurred, shocking revelations and protests carried out by Dhaval’s family and friends point at the insensitivity of the authorities to the accident victims and the medical negligence in the form of ambulances reaching late at the accident site to provide relief.

Dhaval’s friends had decided to provide him justice by carrying out a signature campaign in trains. They have also filed a PIL against the railways for not availing safety measures to its passengers. The signature campaign was carried out with the intention of meeting their demands of providing first aid, stretchers in stations. They have demanded to make ambulances available outside every railway station. They press to make available medical aid box inside railway coaches or with the motorman. They also want ambulances to replace the space occupied by hawkers outside railway stations.

Atul Rane, the PRO of Central Railway agreed that if ambulances were stationed outside the station, then help would have reached Dhaval on time. He said on being asked that Dhaval could have been saved had he been taken to the hospital within 15 minutes. He however, refused to blame the railway authorities stating that the accident had not occurred at a railway station. So the victim had to be identified with the help of passengers. However, on a positive note, ambulances will be deployed on 26 locations between Churchgate and Virar on the Western railway.

Hope the railway authorities deal with this issue seriously. Everyday, accidents occur in locals. If first aid and ambulances reach victims faster, then hundreds of lives can be saved. Besides, necessary steps should be taken to curb accidents if not prevent them completely. Locals are considered to be the lifeline of Mumbai city. Everyday, lakhs of commuters travel by this medium. Ensuring their safety is the responsibility of the government and the railway authorities alike. Let’s ensure that another Dhaval like incident doesn’t take place again. A commuter should not die just because help does not reach him in time. It is indeed shameful.

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