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Raj Thackeray walks the talk, Maharashtra’s ‘Blueprint’ ready

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raj thackeray blue print

Raj Thackeray’s Political Party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has launched its ‘Blue Print’ of its political vision. The MNS party has created a website ahead of BMC elections.

The Blue Print consists of

  • Basic needs are food, water, shelter and tribal uplifting.
  • Women’s Safety and their financial security and Law and order in the State.
  • Focusing on Town planning, his priorities are health, sports and recreation, Child Parenting, Primary Education and employment, Transport, electricity, Water Canalization, Metro creations, solid waste management, sanitize, recreation grounds, internet connectivity and Biological Environment.
  • The administration part focuses on developing Strong local admins, public work projects, people initiatives, union and state relations, State taxation policy, digital governance, law commission, foreign policy, regional balance, public representative progress card.
  • Progress opportunities will have provincial Industrial policy, Trade and Merchandising, building government organizations, Agro-advantage, Tourism, High Education, Business diplomacy.
  • Marathi language and Forts, as well as sports education, would be given priority. The blueprint is youth-centric.

Madhav Bhandari, Spokesperson of Maharashtra BJP told Afternoon Voice, “Our Agenda is Hindu and our motto is to keep India Shining.  We are a National Party and our Hinduism is glazed from our work for the Country.  The Campaigns of a tie-up with MNS is not new by now, in politics, no one is a friend or foe forever. Hinduism should not be taken for granted. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Our activists have laid their lives for the formation of Religious National. We won’t change our thoughts. We befriend once and for all time.”         

Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi said, “Mumbai isn’t only of Marathi Manoos or Maharashtrians it’s a Universal city.’ They take the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Rajashri Shahu. They should know that 50 % of reserves include 35% of Muslims of Phule and Ambedkar. I am working only to outclass the BJP because their Politics is not nationalist but is religious politics. Hindu- Muslim politics play for elections by dividing people. Chanting the name of Lord Ram and doing no work is unacceptable.”

Member of Legislative Council of NCP Vidya Chavan quoted, “Raj Thackeray has vision and he should unite with Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi. The Thackeray brothers should put aside their differences & come together with INC and NCP. Shiv Sena has grown in the rural politics of Maharashtra. So, they should stay away from the BJP. Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city. The labourers are from UP and Bihar the MNS should show fluctuation in thoughts and be Liberal. Raj Thackeray can expand his views and express his thinking mindfully.”

The former CM of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan doesn’t like to comment on Raj’s personality. He said that “I do not like personal politics. Raj isn’t a Statesman as yet. To win the Maharashtra CM’s Cabin one needs a lot of hard work. Looking at him I don’t think he is ready for that. I don’t like this local level group politics. It takes years to gain the governance of a State. A Party should put efforts to grow from Rural to Urban. The Metro politics remain Metropolitan and the province is regional. Party Chief expands his Party across the length & breadth of a State.”                 

The Shiv Sena official spokesperson and Lok Sabha MP Arvind Sawant remarked on this blueprint saying, “Raj Thackeray an MNS has no consistency of thought. They wanted to be with the BJP then why don’t they go with them.  MNS had no calculations or planning of the electoral process. They eat some votes and try to make pressure groups, what kind of Politics is this? This is just a blind game without ambition or aim. No target in the local booths. For over a decade MNS has been sullying without a compass.”

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