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Raj Thackeray’s poll stunt

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What exactly is happening with the toll booths located in the state? Since yesterday, I have been hearing about people discussing the vandalisation of tool booths and how MNS activists have been causing huge hardships to the common man. First of all, my maid never bothered to wake me up in the morning as she wanted me to skip my office. On the other hand, my roommate was trying her best to bunk the office on account of the toll protests even though transportation facility is available for her. My pets kept licking my face. What else they could do as I noticed that they were tension free and living happily.

As I woke up, I had no other option but to shout at my maid as I had already become late and had no time for bath. While I began dressing my maid started delivering lecture about taking safety precautions. She asked me to take leave as MNS activists might resort to violence. Maid also said that they might harm me and damage my vehicle. My roommate had left for work with a sad gloomy face. I too couldn’t think of staying back as my salary would have been deducted for one day. I left for office by taking all precautions as I reached safely.

I had no topics for writing diary today as my colleagues suggested me to write about tool booth protest. I could have written an analysis report and statistics about tolls and expiry of toll collection tenure. I could also have mentioned about the objective behind Raj Thackeray’s publicity stunt.

Aren’t all of us aware that MNS are indulging in these stints to gain political mileage before the Lok Sabha election? Raj is interested in grabbing power at any cost as he and his party have lost their credibility. And they think by indulging in violent activities they could regain the confidence of voters.

AAP party’s emergence has given sleepless nights to many parties and MNS is one of them. Both MNS and Shiv Sena don’t fear about losing their foothold in Maharashtra but they more worried about the party’s prestige. Besides their perfect oratory skill and excellent vocabulary they don’t have any agenda for the welfare of the common man. And people like us think that we get fooled by listening to their speeches.

They claim themselves to be brave like Shivaji Maharaj but these idiots hid inside closed restaurants and other places to escape from the police. The MNS activists from Kalyan lacked courage to surrender themselves before the police and bravely say that they belong to MNS and they were involved in protesting and vandalizing vehicles for welfare of people. Several toll plazas exist in various parts of Maharashtra. AS per law clearly there should be a distance of 80 kilometres between two tool booths. On the other hand, a toll plaza exists in Maharashtra every 30 kilometers. Thus the commuters have to suffer by paying exorbitant toll charges as roads too are not maintained properly.

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