Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Ram Rahim mayhem

Manohar Khattar government is caught sleeping or intentionally silent in their defence in the wake of Ram Rahim mayhem. BJP is disappointing with their appeasement of these godman and his allies and groups. The allowance given to him all these days saw, Chandigarh’s Panchkula in a pathetic position.  People ran helter skelter for cover and the press ran for dear life in the after effects of arson and loot in reaction to the arrest of Ram Rahim. More than 38 dead as Dera followers ran riot after godman held guilty and the government caught napping. The violence spread to neighbouring Punjab as well as six railway stations, BSNL exchanges and vehicles were set on fire. It was one of the worst disaster after the arrest of a people’s man. Even the death of the most popular J. Jayalalithaa did not attract arson and looting. Both Chandigarh and Sirsa are tense as violence ruled the roost during the week end attacks. Convicted in rape case, Gurmeet Singh also faces charges of murder in two separate cases and the verdict in the cases is expected soon. Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh arrest claimed 31 lives and left over a hundred injured across Haryana, the locals welcomed the judgment and blamed the State government for going soft on the Dera followers and not making adequate security arrangements. Ram Rahim mayhem was an avoidable one.

C.K.S. Maniam

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