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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Ram Temple right ahead of 2019 poll

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Amit modi Ram

Ram temple issue cropping up again and again and it is giving PM Modi sleepless nights ahead of the 2019 polls. He made it clear that any decision on bringing an ordinance on the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya could be considered only after the judicial process got over. Recently, there has been a renewed pitch within the party as well as by its sister organisations in the Sangh Parivar for expediting the process of construction. This demand pre-empted PM to clear his mind and made the supporters wait for some more time. Neither the Supreme Court nor an Ordinance, but only a true leader, someone like the Father of the Nation, who brought freedom, can bring the desired result. Truths are the simplest.

It is nice you show some signs that you need to accept the wisdom of the wise. You have inflicted enough and more injuries and sufferings to certain sections of the Society because of your inclinations and uncompromising beliefs. Remember India had so many Philosophers and real Sadhus who have promoted coexistence of all people with love and respect for their beliefs, habits, culture, and traditions. The matter will be heard by the Supreme Court on January 4. Petitions have been filed in the court for the day-to-day hearing.

When a minority bench said to bring law and till the time we arrive at a decision, we should obey Supreme Court order. PM Narendra Modi is right the issue of Ram Mandir is not a political issue the opposition parties are creating this issue as a political issue this issue is under Supreme Court and we all have to wait until Supreme Court declare the final order and I think this is not a political issue and I beseech the opposition parties please stop politics on this issue. Nobody can deny that those sitting in the governments in the last 70 years have tried their best to stall a solution to this Ayodhya issue. It seems from the interview that all is set that the verdict may come as per his desire.

The statement uttered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is clearly indicating that he is respecting the Judiciary Process on the issue of construction of Ram Mandir, as the matter is in subjudice. Further, passing of ordinance in this regard may go against the BJP government in forthcoming elections to be held during this year. In addition, it may invite chaos and unrest across the country, which is democratic and secular.

The striking imbalance between the haves and have nots can be bridged if communal preferences in the delivery of quota are banned and in its place, economically backward people should be given quota. When each dominant community is delivered quota for vote bank the meritorious of the general category are picking pocketed. If BJP fails the outcome will be in favour of some parties. The majority-minority disparities will polarize. Better ban communal delivery of quota and maintain a monopoly of intelligentsia irrespective of caste religion and gender.

Well said PM. He is the only Indian for PM. Is there any person other than M is capable to be PM? The Sangh Parivar organisations are unhappy over the delay in resolving the matter and there are demands for an ordinance, similar to the one issued on triple talaq, to facilitate construction. The demand has been made even by the BJP’s ally, Shiv Sena.

Recently, there has been a renewed pitch within the party as well as by its sister organisations in the Sangh Parivar for expediting the process of construction. The better council should prevail in the sensitive issue. Archeology and ancient monuments are clear cut and existence of Sri Ram, whatever happened later is manmade and can be moved to another location without affecting sentiments of communities that co-exists.

C.K. Subramaniam


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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