Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Rane’s role resigned

BJP, the hard task masters in Maharashtra is facing a dilemma over Narayan Rane’s inclusion in Fadnavis cabinet. Narayan Rane’s factor irked the high command when he contemplated to join BJP but was made to start his own party at the behest of BJP Chief Amit Shah. Now there is no opening as the Maharashtra government expansion is postponed still further. The chances of Rane’s induction before winter session, is almost ruled out and Sena is already talking ill about the senior leader. BJP may not be in a position going in for the veteran leader to come into the ministry upsetting the coalition ally Sena. The BJP high command is buying time to take up the drastic decision in the near future. Further, the state BJP leadership is of the view that the party should promote its own candidate instead of upstaging an outsider. BJP should try to improve its relationship with Shiv Sena rather than extending hands to Narayan Rane to become a state minister. Naryan Rane’s inclusion is a ticklish issue and the matter will come up for consideration early next year if there is any chance of him getting a minister’s job.

Anandambal Subbu

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