Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Reduce the gap between the rich and poor

It has been reported that Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria had got John Pascal arrested for rash driving. The action of Maria is praiseworthy. Our senior officers must remain vigilant to nab the wrong doers and punish them. Police officials must perform this task as its their duty to provide security to citizens. A question which arises is how Mr Pascal managed to acquire such an expensive car whereas many young men and women aged 25 are diligently working in various factories and offices and using public transport like normal people. It is unfortunate that some are stinking rich while many others are poor in this country.

The main agenda of the next government will be to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth. The gap between the rich and the poor has to be narrowed down to eradicate dissatisfaction among the underprivileged. This is what we call a welfare state. It was so nice to see Rahul Gandhi accompanying his mother for filing the nomination to contest Lok Sabha election. It’s a good attitude. Rahul might have some drawbacks but he has performed good work in Amethi and has galvanized village women into self help activities resulting into their economic betterment. This step has boosted the confidence of women who were hitherto confined to their homes. Smriti Irani should have found better work instead of rushing to Amethi constituency for contesting election.

The enmity between Sonia Gandhi and Menaka Gandhi is quite common which can be seen in our households too. Menaka has failed to respect Indira Gandhi whereas Sonia treated her well. Rahul Gandhi and Varun Gandhi are young and they must come together for betterment of the nation. Varun’s constituency Sultanpur and Rahul’s constituency Amethi are quite close to each other. The nation comes first. Menaka should play a positive role in this matter by shedding hatred. By harbouring hatred, she has not achieved anything thus far.

The Muslims are great people, good artists, good artisans, good technicians. It is sad to notice Bukhari’s Saheb trying to follow Kejriwal. AAP is said to have communist leanings (though infact they are the spoilers) which is not synchronous with Muslim thought and ethos. Muslims must make their own destiny and not allow themselves to be exploited by others. They must become practical and focus on “taaleem” and “tehzeeb”. Muslims are constructive and not anarchist. They should be ashamed of considering constantly coughing Kejriwal as their “messiah”. It is deplorable.

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