Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Reform the election process

All election booths must have a paper ballot system in case an electronic voting machine fails or has tampered with by unscrupulous political parties. Postal ballot facilities and on-line voting facilities must be provided to all Indian citizens so that they can vote when they go abroad on a holiday. When an election has been rigged and the election commission and the courts do not resolve the issue. Justice must be sought when a united opposition files a criminal case with very good evidence at The International Criminal Court which is located at The Hague, Netherlands. The United Nations Organisation officials enter the country and arrest the people who have rigged the elections and if they destroy the evidence they must be more severely punished. Later fresh elections which are free and fair are held under the United Nations Organisation auspices and supervision.

If the UNO officials are not permitted to enter the country to do this work they can enter it by force. However, to prevent UNO intervention all court officials and election commission official must undergo mandatory ethics and etiquette courses and finishing courses once a month every year so that they can carry out their work freely and fairly.

Peter Castellino

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