Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Reform youths joining ISIS

A former Google employee has been detained for trying to join ISIS. It was really shocking to know that intelligent boys are getting involved in terrorism activities. If such type of anti-national activities is not curbed then it will prove to be detrimental for the nation’s security. Minorities in India are not suffering due to lack of governance, but they are tortured due to the society’s narrow mindset.

My office is one of the classic examples where I see Hindu and Muslim staff quarreling and speaking ill about each other’s religion. Though we have limited employee strength but such things continue to occur but nobody wants to come forward and speak about it. It’s not only restricted to my working premises but happens everywhere but nobody wants to speak about it. The debate not only happens about two religions but differences exist within the same religion too let it be Hindu or Muslim.

The Hyderabad Police has taken a good initiative by tracking the accused’s conversations and issuing warning to him. The old city of Hyderabad is intensely communal. In Hindi we refer it as “kattar Musalmano ka ilakha”. The old city of Hyderabad is constantly grabbing headlines for communal riots occurring since 1990. Even today Hindus are disrespected in this area. Few days back, when I had visited the old city local residents had abused our driver after noticing him in black shirt and lungi. (It is a prescribed uniform of pilgrims who visit Sabarimala Ayyappa temple). When we threatened to call the police the man was stopped by his own people. The old city of Hyderabad remains under-developed as MIM has been responsible for it to some extent.

According to me local residents and BJP are responsible for these youth going awry. However, no change is possible. Today India really needs able Muslim politicians to protect the rights of Muslims. In fact, BJP’s divisive communal politics is responsible for uniting Muslims.

Muslims need to change their image of being victims of hatred and discrimination and play a vital role in the development of the nation. A good Muslim leader can provide guidance to youth and also show them the right path. All of us are aware that Islam is all about peace. According to Quran it is wrong to accuse or defame any other religion and it can’t be enforced on anyone. The reformation process can begin from Madarsas and Masjids where people are taught to remain compassionate about others and avoid becoming fundamentalists.

Few radical Hindu fascists believe that they are free to do whatever they want and get away because Modi represents them? The PM is in favour of development and unity and had mentioned about this while campaigning for election. However he remains untested on how he will contain any hate mongers from right wing fanatic Hindu groups.

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