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Rekindle the romance in your marriage

While it is great fun being in a relationship, not all of us know how to handle it. When the initial attraction based on one’s physical appearance, charismatic personality and intellectual level fades, one is left with nothing but virtues to hold the relationship together. Especially when a relationship commences into marriage, after the initial attraction, what is left is responsibilities towards each other. Although the period of courtship is over, one needs to take constant breaks with each other to rekindle the romance at every possible interval. Go for movies, candle light dinners and hold hands while you walk on a beach. If you are the party type, hit the discs or frequent pubs. Meet friends and plan outings together. Sometimes, you could also enjoy drinking at home and get cosy on the sofa while you watch a romantic movie.

However, needless to say, one should also take care of the finances. One should maintain a balance of how much one is spending and how much one is saving. This especially becomes necessary when you plan to start a family. Remember you are no longer merely dating each other that you need to shower each other with gifts while meeting. Now is the time to grow up and move ahead. Open a recurring deposit. Sooner or later you will need the money to purchase a home. And trust me, investing in property is always a boon. There are so many expenditures one need to incur for the future. Be it health insurance or your child’s education fee, you cannot ignore these expenses.

Another issue is in-laws. It is needless to say that both the guy and the girl have responsibilities towards each other’s’ parents. However, there is always a generation gap which is difficult to bridge. Today most of the couples live separately and are located in different cities where they can avail good career opportunities. However, many of them seldom want to go to their in laws places. Even the parents of the bride or groom do not feel comfortable when they visit them due to a vast difference in their lifestyle and choose to stay separate.

These are some of the issues that newly wedded couple face. Today’s generation don’t want to adjust or compromise in a relationship. Being educated youngsters, they lack the desire to bend. This I would say is a good sign in a relationship. However, we must not forget that a marriage involves two persons and if there are differences which are too many, one needs to find the middle path if they want to continue the relationship.

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