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Religious Tolerance: Need of the hour

Clashes between communities have become common nowadays. Every day we hear the news pertaining to riots which has erupted between communities thereby creating tension. The nation has witnessed large number of communal incidents since last eight years. While casualties figure is also quite surprising which is still countable – 965 dead and over 18,000 injured – the toll on India’s economic and social fabric is beyond any metric. Spat in the name of religion, caste, community is only attempting to divide people, which is not a good sign for the country.

I don’t understand why people try to kill other in the name of religion. During their childhood everybody might have been taught that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are brothers and sisters and we are united. So it is unjustified to fight in the name of religion and caste. However, few bad elements in our society are possessive about their religion that they are ready to kill anyone who opposes them.

When I recollect about past incidents pertaining to community clashes and riots then I really start worrying about the future. Few decades back, riots used to occur due to lack of awareness among people and inadequate media coverage. However, communal clashes continue even today despite increased awareness among people.

Few days back a Hindu friend of mine had to undergo a worst experience. He and his female Muslim classmate were heading towards her home for completing a college assignment. The girl is a resident of the Muslim community dominated Bhendi Bazaar. All of a sudden a man wearing Black Paithani and skull cap arrived and tried to stop them. He asked the girl who had worn a Burkha where she was going along with the boy? He also asked the youth’s name and inquired whether he too belongs to the Muslim community? My friend replied that his name is Narendra. After hearing the reply the person became angry and called his aides who were wandering nearby.

He complained to other people and said that this shameful girl is roaming with a Hindu boy and she is blot on our religion. Meanwhile, the mob present at the spot tried to attack my friend for wandering with a Muslim girl. Amongst them few people requested the man to refrain from assaulting the teenagers.

After this incident, my friend started disliking the community for which he had immense respect earlier. A question which arises in my mind is why such a hue and cry is raised whenever people watch Hindu boy and Muslim girl together. According to me, strict action must be taken against such people to bring communal harmony.

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