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Review of Modi’s Fool making schemes!

Startup loan: This is just a fool making scheme by the government. Taking loan is still not easy; it requires a lot of document work. I personally tried for the startup loan. I think PM does not understand the meaning of startup loan or the bankers don’t understand it. They asked for the turnover record of the company, if it is in profit then they will consider. Only the running companies can take loan and it was the same in the previous government.

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana: This gas connection scheme is another fool making scheme to the public. Just four months later of the scheme introduction, I discussed about this Yojana to my friend who is settled in village and he said that no subsidy is given and when I enquired others about it, I received the same reply. So the connection is not free, the amount is taken through other way.

Big decisions which made our Nation jobless: No doubt, India is highly ranked in corruption and our political leaders play a big role in corruption. The step of demonetisation was not bad but this is a highly populated country. Hence, the government should arrange enough job in private and public sectors before announcing the demonetisation. No corrupts and big robbers were in the line shown. Only lower-middle-class and poor people were in the line. The corrupt bank staffs played a commission game and they easily changed notes and it hardly harmed the corrupt people and even some people legally made the black money white. The steps wasted thousands of crores. Not politician went to jail and no terrorism was stopped. I think this decision was taken to win the Vidhan Sabha election in UP.

The GST and Aadhaar card mandatory option was planned by the previous government but BJP opposed these two steps of Congress government in the past but when they came to power, the same schemes were appreciated by the government and they count those two steps in their achievement list.

They have around 80 per cent of their promises still pending and they are not serious on the manifestos released by them.

Development status: Yes, the development work is in road-making. Secondly, the data and call rates are under 300 for around three months. This is appreciated.

Poor performances: Has corruption really stopped? The answer is not even 0 per cent. The corrupted people are still doing the same job. Has terrorism really stopped? The answer is no. Our soldiers are daily killed in Kashmir. Nothing has changed, yes I agree that we are in attacking mood but the 56 inch chest’s fear is not showing on the face of terrorists.

Why is it difficult for the BJP to return in 2019?

The city people are easily influenced by Facebook ads, paid media and starts praising on the work but 70 per cent of our population are the lower-middle-class and the poor and they are do not live in the city. The farmers are still living in a bad situation. The government is least serious on the farmers’ issue. The poor do not run WhatsApp and Facebook and they are the real voters. The city votes only affect 5 per cent but rest of the votes will come from villages and small town and it could be challenging.

My view: Till date Modi is only the best option for PM as no good alternate was available. The same old government is running, only the name has changed and the politicians from Congress have joined BJP. If you are really an honest party and If Congress, SP and other parties are really very corrupt then why would you welcome their leaders in your party. Lots of issues without solutions. So, I think 2019 will be again for NDA but with less

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