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Right to die with dignity

If I would have been given an option to die with dignity no doubt I will accept it happily. I don’t know why other people are creating a hue and cry over the incident and terming it suicide. HELLO!!!! For god’s sake don’t term it as suicide, as you don’t know how much hardships patients have to face. We can’t even know about their suffering and simply see them. I will never ever agree people or media calling dignified death as suicide as it’s totally unjustified.

Reports which were published in the newspapers mentioned “A young American woman with terminal cancer has committed suicide.” Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old brain cancer sufferer, made headlines earlier this month when a video of her issuing suicide threat went viral and was viewed by millions of web users.

Brittany and her family decided to shift to Oregon where the government offers patients suffering from major diseases the right to die with dignity option. She passed away with dignity on November 1st. I am criticizing the media for the manner in which they covered this incident. They shouldn’t have termed the incident as suicide even though she had taken her own life.

Suicide and dignified death (some might not consider this as dignified death) are very different terms. We end up inviting troubles for ourselves and try to commit suicide. Some of us crave for happy life and don’t want any bad incidents to occur in our lives. Unfortunately, one fine day things go wrong which we never think and end up being diagnosed with disease like cancer. Therefore, I believe that dignified death is the best solution to address this issue.

Brittany Maynard was happily married. She and her husband were planning to begin a family. Suddenly Brittany started having headaches as she never thought that she would end up being diagnosed with cancer.

Let’s us imagine what will happen if such incident occurs in India. First of all people cannot afford to bear the cost of cancer treatment. 90 per cent of the people cannot afford treatment at private hospitals. Don’t you think cancer patients in India too needs to have right to die with dignity? Here many people die with no dignity and their family also are left with no dignity. Once they receive financial assistance for treatment every family member has to toil hard for earning money irrespective of whatever job they have to do.

After a person’s death, his family faces tremendous financial crunch as some family member has to quit education and search for job or else mother has to take up the job of a maid to support her family. According to believers in after life, they may state it a sin to commit suicide. They believe that we are meant to suffer for the sins committed by us in our past life.

Brittany had very little time as she travelled to almost every place with her mother, friends and husband. I guess she and her family never wasted lumpsum money for undergoing treatment as it was malignant tumour. Her family accepted that she would leave them one day. Instead of making Brittany to undergo hazardous treatment they had spent the money for her travel so that she should never regret and die happily. She was blessed to have such a wonderful family. India too can follow the same practice but people don’t want to which is sad but true.

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