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RSS must motivate the youth

The RSS has criticized the Aam Aadmi Party’s agenda of luring voters by promising freebies to them. People had voted for the party as it had promised to offer them free power and water. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken a jibe at AAP for indulging in politics of populism. Modi asked how can a state which is dependent on electricity from outside offer free power? The question which arises in my mind is why do people fall prey to such tactics adopted by political parties?

Why people have become so blatantly selfish. Have we failed to educate the masses? Yes, we have never made any effort to educate the masses and ensure that they follow the correct path. They were never taught the lesson of discipline and realistic expectations. RSS has also warned that AAP’s move to offer freebies will only affect the nation’s economic growth. “Aapke bache itne lalchi aur khudgarz kaise ban gaye”. “Humne unko itna mufat khor kaise banne diya. Unko acche sanskar kyon nahin de paye hum?”.

The introspection now must proceed along these lines.
If RSS wants, I can join them to assist in training the youth. Now, let us elicit the views of the RSS about keeping the bars open 24×7. It is said that we must wake up at 5 am after getting adequate sleep and perform Yoga. How can you do that if you order your last peg or “butter naan” at 4 am? If someone says, no it is only for tourists then we do not realize that they are more health conscious than us and refrain from drinking the entire night.

Attendance at bars located in foreign countries is very thin on Sunday night because every one needs to go for work next morning. Healthcare should be the topmost priority of any government. The government must not commercialise healthcare services.

RSS says that it is a social and cultural organization promoting character among our youth. On the other hand, one of its key members is engaged in government formation in J&K. RSS does not want the BJP to dilute its stand on key issues like Article 370 or the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

Modi’s rally failed to attract crowds at Ramlila ground. The BJP was attacking AAP and its president Arvind Kejriwal which had proved counterproductive for the party. The saffron party also didn’t have a genuine agenda to woo voters. BJP also didn’t go for Delhi polls immediately after the Lok Sabha election verdict and gave enough time to AAP for consolidating its base in Delhi. All these factors proved were responsible for the saffron party’s loss which will have to do some serious rethinking now.

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