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Ryan international school Killing Who is next?

The murder of seven year old student Pradyuman Thakur inside the toilet of Ryan International School, Gurugram raises serious questions about the security of students studying in renowned schools. According to reports, there were serious lapses on the part of the school management which led to the gruesome murder of Pradyuman. The CCTV cameras installed in the school only covered a limited area, hence it was difficult to trace the boy. Most of the cameras were not functioning and school authorities didn’t bother to repair them. There is an alleged nexus between the school management officials and political parties as they have easily managed to obtain licence for opening new branches.

The management failed to conduct the background verification of drivers and cleaners as many of them possess criminal antecedents. Meanwhile, Pradyuman’s father Varun Thakur has moved the Supreme Court and demanded a parallel CBI probe into the matter. He accused the school’s security lapse as one of the reasons for the death of his son. Parents and local residents gathered outside the school to protest against the incident. They demanded for a probe into this incident and justice for Pradyuman.

When AV spoke to Siddhanth Mohite, Founder of Oye Foundation, Organisation for the Youth and Elderly, he said, “Drivers and cleaners employed with international schools possess criminal background and police must conduct a probe into this matter. Driver and cleaners misbehave with the children. They use the school toilets even though separate toilets are provided for them. Toilets should be separate for students and staff members. We condemn this act and we will organise a protest in future.”

Advocate Babita Kesharwani said, “Molestation incidents are happening everywhere including government and private schools. Some incidents are reported while some others remain concealed. This issue has gained prominence due to the murder of the student. The management of the school must enhance the security of students. There is lack of security in renowned schools and colleges which is unjustified.”

Prakash Vora a businessman said, “Education has become commercialised and there is rampant privatisation happening everywhere. The government schools are following guidelines but private schools are not adhering to rules. If rules are violated then such incidents will continue to occur in future too. Today private schools are only bothered about charging fees and don’t pay attention to students safety. The government and school management must take steps to enhance the security of school students. “

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