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Sadguru Shri Riteshwar – Man in the million

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Sadguru Shri Riteshwar

Sadguru Shri Riteshwar, is an ordinary Sadhu with extraordinary goals for the Hindu Sanatan religion, he refutes political and materialistic slavery, he opposes all those malpractices in the name of religion and stands strong as a guard of Dharma. We all believe that God is helping us a million times more than anyone on this earth could do it. The help from our family and friends is limited to this birth. Veda says that any soul loves you since you are the means of its happiness (Atmanah kamaya). Whatever you do, offer it to God, by doing this one will always experience the joy of a lifetime. This is what Sadguru Shri Riteshwar Ji believes, he has dedicated his life to the Dharma, the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law, fundamental behaviour and social order.

He says, “I am a monk, so a sage should speak the truth and he always agree with the truth.”

He says behind every happiness there is sorrow, and in the end, without being placed in ecstasy, a person crumbles and dies in spite of having desires for never-ending bliss and everlasting happiness. Brahmanishtha Pujya Sadguru Shri Riteshwar Ji Dasanudas was endowed with wonderful spiritual talent since childhood. His attachment and dedication towards Sanatan Dharma are incomparable. A medical student who had a bright future as a doctor chose a spiritual path to adhere to Sanatana. His speech mesmerizes many and his preaching changed many lives of those who got in addictions and depressions, he restored youth who lost their paths.

Gurudev obtained a medical degree after receiving higher education in science. While he was pursuing his education, the spiritual practice was his way of life. He says, “We are religious, we are cultured, we are also rich but we are not happy and the one who is religious, cultured, rich are not happy, this cannot happen. So, we have to think again that what we are considering as religion, Sankar and wealth – are we mistaking our opinion’s views and judgements? There is no atheist in this world, everyone wants to get preference and Vedas Upanishad here is the paradise of God to help us walk our path.”

Happiness and sorrow in human lives are temporary, they are here to make a shift. If our desire is for everlasting happiness, then our goal should be Lord Shri Radhakrishna and his word Deity Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran only. Wherever the source, its availability will also be the same as the saree will be found in the cloth shop, the utensils at the utensil shop, the gold with the goldsmith – in the same way if we want infinite happiness, infinite bliss, infinite love, then that too for the infinite. Will get it within us.

Anandakanda Nandandan Shri Krishna is the source of kindness and compassion. In fact, our Vedic literature also says that Lord Krishna is our original friend from whom we don’t have to hide or mould the truth and also, the only one who can guide us to the right path. As this world is his creation and we all are his creatures, our friendship with him is soulful and blissful. Krishan led a very simple life with meaningful life lessons. His teachings are not only restricted to India or Hinduism but to many across the world. One of his famous teachings is on Karma- do your ‘Karma’, not to garner results or success but to do good. This will eventually be beneficial for you.

Sadguru says, if we want to attain eternal bliss, then we have to take refuge in the eternal Supreme Being. For the new generation, he has established “Bhagwat Research Institute” to open the secrets hidden in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran and the divine effect on human health by the use of Bhagwat’s mantras. The only objective is how to get everlasting ecstasy – how to become a devotee of Lord Shri Radhakrishna. This is to remove the ignorance of the people of India, to drown them again towards happiness, he believes this is the job of a saint.

He emphasizes the importance of meditation, this is an amazing practice because it develops your capacity for handling life by being able to sit with a posture of no relationship to thought, feeling, time, or action. The more you can practice sitting still in the presence of so many strong thoughts and emotions whipping through you, the more you can do that in life. It literally builds a muscle of tolerance for dealing with the movement of your mind. Some people give way to the movement of mind and emotion easily. Imagine a little boat on the water being swept away by a huge tidal wave. If you are not rooted, you can lose your direction and yourself. 

Meditation helps you develop roots. This is part of spiritual strength- to be able to face anything and not be moved on the deepest level. That is very powerful. Becoming conscious of what you want to accomplish every day. Being aware of your intentions behind doing things like attending meetings, having a conversation with a friend- create something every day that you can feel good about at the end of the day.

Sadguru is a friend, a philosopher, a guide, he is the reason for the social reform.

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