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Safety of labours employed in unorganized sector

A young electrician had died after falling from a high rise building in Mulund. In such cases, safety precautions should be taken by suitably wearing a safety harness or even a rope tied around the waist and affixed to a strong point so that the worker will not fall on the ground. A person must monitor his movements to check if a ladder is required. He will affix the same and ensure that it is held safely etc. Such incidents only show that we are least bothered about workmen’s safety. The building’s watchman or some member of the family who called the worker should aid, assist and keep a watchful eye on him (he can pass tool or some equipment required by him).

Our nation faces huge shortage of trained electricians. Many of them possess minimal knowledge about the trade but continue to perform their work for earning their livelihood. Precautions must also be taken while working in enclosed spaces. Many times, we find unskilled workers engaged in some work on sewage pipes and manholes. Presence of H2S gas and lack of oxygen can kill people if there is lack of effective monitoring. This only goes to show that we consider manual work as menial and our mentality is “Let him work, it is none of my business to help him”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not paying attention to issues such as skill development, safety of workmen and is involved in getting himself photographed in various attires. He is making announcement of schemes not inside the parliament (during session) but outside. Modi should announce such schemes in the Parliament and attend the Parliamentary session as much as he can.

Social Activist Anna Hazare has rightly said that the PM has misguided the people on the issue of bringing black money from foreign countries.

Few days back, Janata Dal (U) President Sharad Yadav had said in the house that the government won’t be able to bring back even a “ phuti kaudi”. Yes, how can you when you cannot detect that an unqualified person is heading an engineering department in Noida and amassing wealth. You want to bring Dawood back but what action will you take against him? There is a need of silent and sincere work which will pave way for the nation’s development and tackle the Maoist insurgency. You cannot eradicate Maoists by wearing different hats and getting yourselves photographed (even Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah are seen wearing hats) while the CRPF men are losing their lives. A little more seriousness is required to address the nation’s internal security problems.

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