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Sanatan Sanstha never made ‘such’ statement

They termed the ‘report’ as a supari to assassinate the character of their founder.

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Sanatan Sanstha is unhappy with the news published by a leading tabloid for misleading reports for defaming its founder-chief Dr Jayant Athavale. The organi-sation has said that contract journalists have covered the story which will damage its credibility. It also added that journalists have referred a false report by the Central Bureau of Investigation and put the words in the mouth of Dr Athavale. “Three killings have taken place, and the possibility of fourth killing cannot be ruled out”.

Sanatan Sanstha clarified that Dr Athavale has never made any such statement. The outfit said that whenever the officers of the CBI visited Ashram, it had given satisfactory replies to all their queries seeking information and questions asked by them. In such a situation, an attempt is being made by journalists to create sensation and cause confusion by putting an outright false statement in the mouth of Dr Athavale.

Sanatan Sanstha will hold demonstrations outside the tabloid’s office for publishing mislead-ing reports.

Abhay Vartak spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha said, “The ‘Contract’ journalists’ have tried to malign the image of Sanatan Sanstha and its founder in the eyes of the public by reporting the news, which is one-sided, false and misleading.”

“The news reported by journalists suggests that they are aware about the true killers of Dr. Dabholkar, and they have planted false story for accusing Sanatan Sanstha and its founder to shield those true culprits. We are sure that an anti-Hindu gang is behind this conspiracy. Sanatan Sanstha activists had already suffered mental agony due to such journalists in the past. We will initiate a legal action against the concerned and will follow up the matter till they are punished,” he added.

Sanatan Sanstha has demanded a thorough inquiry be conducted against those journalists. It also wanted them to undergo narco tests for ascertaining the truth about who offered them money for planting false stories. It is extending full cooperation to the investigating agencies. The organisa-tion said that ‘Contract’ journalists are trying to build pressure on the investigating agencies and judiciary by publishing false news.

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